D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router Syslog Utility
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Welcome to the website for the D-Link DI-614+/624 Wireless Router Syslog Utility.

Latest Stable Version: 1.0
Latest Beta Version: 1.1-R2

This project started on March 27th, 2004 when I purchased a D-Link DI-624 Wireless Router.
After bringing it home, I realized that everything on the thing was web-based.
After setting firewall rule to disallow all outgoing traffic and starting to open ports, I quickly realized how frustrating it was to switch between sections just to read the latest logs. Not to mention how infrequently I actually visit the webpage for the router.
Since I monitor my syslog messages, I figured this would be the best thing to do... push everything into syslog! That provides automatic archiving for me, also.

I am providing this not because it's the best thing since swiss cheese, but because it can be built upon. It can have more than one type of wireless router web interface it knows about... imagine a perl script that can pretty much grab any web based log from a router and turn it into something standard like Syslog?
It's not the prettiest, but it works. It's version 1.0 because it does work. Now, I just need to clean it up, and/or add new features.

It is known to work with the D-Link DI-614+ and DI-624.

This Syslog utility is written in Perl, and uses the Sys::Syslog perl module available from CPAN. It does not take any parameters, and runs without output other than errors, making it ideal for cron.

Just open the perl script in your favorite editor, vi, and change the variables at the top to match your system, then you're set! Test it first :)
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